Hi, I’m Anni. This is my bad ethics blog (I don’t have a good ethics blog). Occasionally I also touch upon other stuff, such as other branches of philosophy, biology, cogsci, neuroscience, computation, and general fluff – I currently don’t write all that much in terms of longposts, but can occasionally be seen on Twitter.

I’m transiently 24 years old and perpetually a noob at everything I’m doing here, but I’ll be ok, it’s not like moral philosophy is ski jumping or anything, just trying to figure out the optimal course for all of humanity forever etc. Nominally I’m working on a master’s degree in neurobiology and I have a part-time job as a lab drone in the University of Helsinki, but I’m sort of trying to escape by only taking philosophy courses and hoping nobody notices until I somehow magically land a job in ethics or something. I have also written stuff for the Finnish Institute of Bioethics and occasionally work at Helsinki Zoo, mostly so I get to hang out with a very important sloth, the oldest sloth in the world.

The blog title is from a poem, in reality I’m only slightly magical and not a lot more omnipotent than average.

(Yet. Growth mindset.)


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